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Pete Manca's Blog The virtualization "waves" are just forming. And while server virtualization is at full crest, there are many more waves behind this that are taking shape and quite frankly, are more significant. Server virtualization was about saving money. Allowing multiple applications to be consolidated onto a single server saves capital and operational expenses. Reducing the number of servers running in the data center is a good thing, as it also saves some carbon emissions as well. But is that it? If so, that’s more like a ripple than a wave. Don’t get me wrong, reducing power, cooling, server count and consolidating apps is a good thing, but it's not the whole story. Not by a long shot. I don’t believe that this is it. In fact, I think we are still in the beginning stages of realizing what virtualization can do. It’s really the enabling technology that fuels ... (more)

Cornerstones of Virtualization: I/O Virtualization Defined

Pete Manca's Blog Recently I talked about what I see as the next "waves of virtualization" taking the industry, I talked about I/O Virtualization as a key (maybe THE key) cornerstone, so I thought it might make sense to describe just what it is and why it's important. Like all forms of virtualization, the physical world is masked and abstracted into a virtual representation, allowing for higher utilization or increased agility, etc. For IO, the physical world is typically defined by dedicated connections to Input/Output (I/O) devices such as disks, networks, CD-ROMs, consoles, et... (more)

Virtualization Viewpoint: It's Easy Being Green

Pete Manca's Blog That wise prophet Kermit once said, “It’s not easy being green.” Actually, it is, but you wouldn't get that impression based on some of the "green solutions" we're seeing in the market. Isn’t the easiest way to reduce power and cooling to remove those things that create demand for power and cooling? Physical devices are the culprit here. The more we add, the more power and cooling we need. Simple math. Turning down fan speeds, slowing CPUs, etc...these are nice tweaks that nibble at the edges but in reality, don't address the root problem. Pete Manca (fourth f... (more)

After Servers, the Infrastructure Needs to be Virtualized

Pete Manca's Blog Is "Virtualization 2.0" just a catchphrase? Is it a new term that analysts can cling to? Is it a re-hash of technology from 20 years ago? Is it new? Is this really new technology that will have a material impact on how data centers are managed? If not, then it's just another marketing term that will fall by the wayside in due time. Dan Kusnetzky asks an interesting question on his blog, “What is virtualization 2.0?” Is it a catchphrase? Is it a new term that analysts can cling to? Is it a re-hash of technology from 20 years ago? Is it new? I think the answer to ... (more)